Overcomers Victory Church

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Leadership Team

Donnell Bratton

Senior Pastor

Pastor Bratton is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Overcomers Victory Church in St. Paul, MN, established in June of 2008. He has 20 years of practical experience as a social leader and an advocate for youth both in and out of the church, which is the driving force for his ministry and outreach programs. Additionally, he is the devoted and caring family man to wife Lady Liz and their children. He is a Mental Health Practitioner for at risk youth, and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in pastoral and Christian counseling.

Pastor Bratton preaches on real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language understood by youth, to persuade them to have a true and real relationship with Jesus Christ, while bridging the gap between the old and young. Pastor Bratton is known as a leader that is radical, revolutionary, innovative, anointed and cutting edge. A pastor that still shouts, dance, runs and waves his hands.

Steve Pittman

Chairman of the Board

Elizabeth Bratton

Director of Finance

Chrissy Thomas

Board Member